Admission Structure

Admission Now Opens

Now you can keep your child for a single day or day/night whenever the time you needed to spend the night at the hospital with someone and can't take your kid along, or  you were expected to be at work at an odd time to meet clients or for a conference call , or any other reasons.

Admission Requirements 

1. Age Criteria: 0 Months and above / Elderly also Included

2. Proof and Photo ID of parents and child 

Admission Procedure:

1. View of BabyBees setup 

2. Filling Registration form 

3. Entry of your child into "Baby center app" for his/her development progress and requirements.

4. Parents Online Access request generation.

5. Online / Cash / Cheque / Paytm payment option for Admission fees.

6. Registration & Admission receipt.

7. Provide Meal plans, Daily routine plan weekly/monthly, Holiday list.

8. Pickup and drop receipts if availed.

Leaving Procedure:

1. Leaving forms

2. Leaving certificate

3. Return deposit receipts


Fees Structure



100 per hour (Day/Night) Any age group. (Including Meal)


- Registration Fee: 100 (Non-Refundable)

- Deposit: 1000 (Refundable) Anytime while closing the admission

Age Group: 3 Months to 5 Years

- Monthly Fees: 

  # Our Package: includes: 500 Monthly

         >  Flexible Day and Night Work Hours

         >  Child development activities 

         >  Kids Library Access

         >  CCTV Surveillance

         >  Includes Basic Package

         >  Daily Hygiene (Bath, Nail Cutting, Washing Clothes)

         >  Doctor-on-call Facility 

         >  Includes Basic Package

         >  Includes Gold Package

         >  Online Access for parents 

         >  Healthy Meal Plans  

Age Group: 5+ Years

- Monthly fees: 500 per hour Day/night time (12 am - 12 am) 

- Exclusive Meal Facility. That should be opted separately if required.

- Meal Plans:

         Below 6 Hours at Day care: 800 Rs

         Above 6 Hours at Day care: 1500 Rs

Age group: Elderly

- Monthly fees: 500 per hour Day/night time (12 am - 12 am)


 1. Guest charges (on hourly basis) will be applicable. Guest charges Rs. 50/- per hour.

 2. Entire fees are to be paid in advance. Fees once paid are non refundable.

 3. Parents are requested to collect their wards at their specified time.

 4. Do not send your wards with any valuables on. If parents wish so, it will be at their own risk.