Curriculum for Excellence

 The Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is the framework for all education experiences for children aged 3 to 18 years and aims to raise achievement for all, enabling young people to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to succeed in learning, life and work. The CfE is broken into levels.

  • Early Level for children in Pre School to the end of Primary 1
  • First level which supports them through to the end of Primary 4

This system is designed to support smooth transitions throughout their educational journey.

There are many parts to the CfE which aims to for all children to become;

  • Successful Learners,
  • Confident Individuals,
  • Responsible Citizens and
  • Effective Contributors.

Within nursery we support our pre school children throughout their learning journey by involving them in their group planning time, writing their mind map, or maybe voting on what they would like to learn about next, these are just some of the strategies we use to involve our pre school children in planning for their own learning.

Valuable play opportunities lie at the heart of our pre school learning. These opportunities embrace learning through play within fun, stimulating opportunities which are open to all children and are tailored to provide appropriate levels of challenge and enjoyment while supporting learning through a number of areas holistically. This approach consistently engages our children in the three areas across the curriculum which are;

  • Literacy across learning, this area includes talking, listening, reading and writing
  • Numeracy across learning – including money, time, and measurement introduced within understandable and meaningful concepts
  • Health and Wellbeing across learning – involves making informed choices for a healthy lifestyle and within the early level this gives children a firm foundation for healthy bodies and healthy minds

At BabyBees we use our Development Summaries to communicate with you about your child(ren's) achievements within the areas across learning. There is a section for each area across learning and your child's key worker will use each section to reflect upon your child's individual successes, likes and achievements. Your child's keyworker will also use the Development Summary to record and celebrate your child's interests and achievements within the other curriculum sections of CfE which are also explored holistically. There are 8 Curricular Areas, each contains a range of subjects;

  • Expressive Arts – including art and design, dance, drama and music
  • Health and Wellbeing – mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing, food and health, relationships and substance misuse (this section relates to keeping your body safe by not eating or drinking anything that you don't recognise)
  • Languages – listening and talking, reading and writing in literacy and English and modern languages
  • Mathematics – including analysing information, solving problems and assessing risk
  • Religious and Moral Education (denominational and non-denominational) – learning about religion, other world religions, and developing values and beliefs or respect and fairness
  • Sciences – understanding important scientific concepts across planet Earth, forces, electricity and waves, biological systems, materials and topical science
  • Social Studies – understanding people, place and society in the past and present including history, geography, modern studies and business education
  • Technologies – including computing science, food, textiles, craft, design, engineering, graphics and applied technologies

Your child's keyworker will use the Experiences and Outcomes within the Early Level of the CfE to effectively plan for individual needs and ensure children receive a balanced curriculum with depth of coherent learning, as determined within the Principles of the CfE.