Our Plans


Facility Hours

We are available 24/7 all days in Month, considering night shift, late night, and weekend working parents. So that parents can focus on whatever they are supposed to be doing important instead of constantly looking at the clock and think of was what time does the daycare close?  

Even through our CCTV online access, parents can see their child online from anywhere anytime and get relaxed and refreshed in work hours, after watching their child playing at our daycare.


Holiday list plan: 

1. Include all public holidays as per Calendar / Open as per request by parent. No extra charges.

2. Working Days: Monday – Sunday

3. We are open on WEEKENDS as well .

Pickup and drop plans

- Range within 5 Km

- 3 Slots will be given (Morning, Evening and Night) 

As per required and requested by parents.

Daily Routine

Below 2 years age infants routine will be according to their requirements.

For age above 2 years:


7am: Wake up / Welcome - Arrangement

7:15 am: Morning Prayer

7:30 am: Free Play Time

8:00 am: Breakfast

8:30 am: Indoor / Outdoor activity

9:00 am: Hand wash / Bath and Breakfast

9:30 am: Learning sessions / Baby center activities

11 am: Breakfast

11:30am: Dance / Music / Video sessions / Crafts / Baby center activities

1 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm: Walk

1:45 pm: Nap Time

3:30 pm: Free play time / Baby center activities

5 pm: Bath & Snacks

5:30 pm: Outdoor play 

7 pm: Snacks

7:30 pm: Video sessions / Homework’s / Crafts / Baby center activities

8:30 pm: Dinner

9 pm: cartoon time / Nap time

10:30pm: Glass of milk and fruits / Boiled eggs

11 pm: Nap time

Emergency plans

- Tie-up with Doctors

- First Aid kits

Development activities & Child Ratio plan

 Development activities

- Refer baby center app for each admission

- Accordingly daily routine activities will be assigned to kids.

Child ratio plans:

1. Infants: 1:3

2. 1-2 years: 1:4

3. 2-3 Years: 1:5

4. 3-5 Years: 1:8

5. 5 and Above: 1:9 / 1:15

Meetings plans

Meetings plans (Parents) 

- Monthly Once or in Urgency

- Feedbacks and Improvements for day care

- Feedback and Improvements of Kid

- Feedback and Improvements for Parents

Meetings plans (Kids)

- Monthly Once or in Urgency

- Feedback and Improvements of Kid

- Feedback and Improvements for Parents